Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of apps does your brand apps perform? Ans: Our company provides a wide array of services, from design to until development of the application. You can choose whether indiviually which platform ( andriod or apple) you prefer to be into it.

2) How much experience do you have as a website design company? Ans:- We have more than 10 years of experience, indepth knowledge and expertise in the industry.

3) What types of businesses/companies does your company have experience working with? Ans:- We have worked with a magnitude of industries, from MNCs to SMEs.

4) What will my apps look like? Ans:- You can register and we will give you a trail of 15days to preview before you proceed to make the puchase and published up your apps.

5) How long does it take to build a apps? Ans:- It depends on the how complicated on your own requirements

6) Can you SEO my website? Ans:- We will set it up for you to be able to use SEO feature on your website but we do not provide SEO Services.

7) For apps usually you do not need to use seo as it will appear inside the apps store already. Ans:- All you have to do is give us a call. We will fix an appointment for you to meet us. Our development and design experts will note the things you prefer and guide you through the whole process of decision making and market needs.

8) How much does a website cost? Ans:- There is no standard cost it will depend on your preference and how you?d like your website to look like.

9) Will I own the website once web360 creates it? Ans:- Yes, ofcourse. We will provide you with a login username and password of your brand new website.

10) Do you provide copywriting services? Ans:- Yes, We do. It will be a seperate charges